Dosbox Games Collection

Here’s my collection of DosBox games.
I made this for the Wii but you can also use this collection on PC or other systems using the appropriate Dosbox Emulator.

apps\dosbox-wii folder contains the dosbox-wii emulator for homebrew v1.6 (
wad\DosBox Wii – DOSW.wad contains a forwarder channel
Dosbox Folder which contains all the goodies check the last screenshot for the full list of games


What do you need:
1. A modded Wii + Wiimote
2. SD card with ~100MB
3. Wad manager to install the forwarder
4. Optional but extremely useful: a usb keyboard

What to do:
1. Download this pack:
2. Install the Forwarder with your Wad manager
3. Run the app and the you;ll see the game selection menu so press the letter or number followed of the game you want to play
Press X to show the list again
All games are tested and working fine

I already made a batch file to allow easy access to all games so Dos skills are not required.
I also included extra Dos commands in Dosbox\_Dox Folder.

Thank you


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