WiiFlow v4.11 – Mod rev 849 Jumbo Plus Pack The Masterpiece – PE by Abz

WiiFlow v4.11 – Mod rev 849 Jumbo Plus Pack The Masterpiece – Pirate’s Edition


The pack that has it all, Now with more practical rompaths for all Emulators 🙂

P.S. All help files are included in \WiiFlow\ folder

Click this image to get your download Link:

New in this fix:
* Added 2 Fresh ModMii made Emunands to Download folder – 4.3U & 4.3E with hacks and channels, just need “shared2” folder before first use
* Added WiiXplorer rev241 to apps folder
* Added Showmiiwads v1.4 PC tool to the pack
* Added Emunand Setup instruction for Neek2o using the new files
* Updated Uneek2o to rev95 b5.2
* Added Frodo C64-Network v2.4.1 Mod Plugin (Thanks Fabio)
* Added the 5 new Plugins to basic and advanced source menu in \Wiiflow folder extract and replace to use one or the other
* Added Carbonik Abz Mod by wiimanofthenorth in \Wiiflow folder extract and replace to use it (No settings Button, Mode button first)
* Added the 2 new Magic Numbers and paths to the Reference table

New Updates Since v4.1:
* Updated WiiFlow to rev 849 (Fixed Emunand apploader & patches – Added game count – Remembers last view)
* Added Triforce/DM-Booter plugin for Mario Kart GP Games + dummy files (Thanks Maxternal for the Modded dol)
Also added Triforce icon for source menu and custom missing cover too (Thanks wiikey for the source menu icon)
And added Quadforce_v0.1.wad to the wad\IOS_DM(L) Folder
The GP games should be in SD:\Games folder and Quadforce wad installed as Mios
the Magic number used here is “444d4c62”
Added the 2 GP covers to \Wiiflow\boxcovers\Triforce Folder (size 512×340)
* Added Devolution rev169 Plugin + icon + Magic number “4445564f” (Thanks Maxternal)
* Added Amiga UAE rev9.1-Mod plugin (Fixed default rom to v1.3)
* Added Sinclair FBZX-wii v8 plugin
* Fixed Devo v160 files (old ones were not original files – Thanks ToddofWar420 for testing & reporting)
* Removed update nag screen from SNES and NES Plugins mod11 dols (Thanks Fledge68)
* Added WiiFlow Channel Installer v1.1 by Fix94
This is an alternative method to install The WiiFlow Forwarder and the Hidden Plugin Loader Channels on both Wii and WiiU/vWii
The default WiiFlow Forwader v14b by Spayrosam is installed using this method
You can replace the forwarder by the one provided in this pack (i.e. Clouds) or your favorite one using a Wad manager

Older Updates:
* Changed “Info” Button to “Help” Button and fixed “Go” button size/position in game installation menu
* Added plugin partition autosave feature so that we don’t need to change it when roms are on several partitions (Thanks Fledge68)
* Language files update
* Added “WF-Priiloader-Forwader-Loader-DWFA.dol” for priiloader in order to use WF as System Menu replacement
* Updated D2X CIOS to v10 (rev52/53 Wii Editions)
* Updated Carbonik Abz theme to 4.0.6+ with many bugfixes especially for 16:9 mode in all modes
* Updated Devolution/loader to rev169
* Faster Boot using Wii Savegame Emulation
* Updated Uneek2o to rev 95 Beta 4 (Back on track – Thanks OverJoy)
* Added FanArt Downloader and Creator to the pack for FanArt fans 🙂
* Added WiiFlow Channel – Clouds v15 for vWii (Thanks Fix94)
* Added Fix94’s d2x cIOS Installer Mod v2.2 for vWii (Link)
* Updated Wii64 Plugin to “Autoboot Edition” (Thanks Drexyl)
* Added nmm2gci-v0.2-suloku and gcmm-v1.4-suloku GC savegame Tools to GC_PC_Tools.rar
* Wiimote info in Home Menu
* Updated DM(L) wads and bin files to v2.6 (Fixed wads)
* Added Atari2600 and Playstation 1 Emulators (With Bios files and Disc Tools)
* Added new plugins to Basic source_menu ini
* Added Neek 00000008.app files in case the bin files won’t work for DM, DML and QF (check Neek_app folder)
* Added old Devolution app + loader v160 in addition to v169
* Updated Genplus-GX to mod7 i.e. v1.7.3 and fixed the plugin inis, also added SegaCD Bios files (genplus\bios)
* Fixed ScummVM plugin ini (Roms actually work now)
* Added WiiSx and Wii64 saves folder if abscent saves won’t work (works only on FAT(32) not NTFS)
* Fixed loading “All Plugins” when too many exist
* WiiU ready (vWii “Shutdown” and “Return to” fixed)


*WiiFlow v4.11 – Mod rev 849 (72 plugins) loaded with 6 pages of source menu icons

*Source Menu Pack v2.0+ Final Basic & Advanced (80×2 icons + empty black & white frames)






All Icons + names:




*Advanced WF Plugin Pack v6+ Fully Fixed (28 dols & 72 inis and extra ogg sounds) with new rompaths to make it more practical

*Standard Advanced Magic Numbers for all emulators by Mastershoes now full and corrected:

For more info on Magic Numbers and Rompath check the reference table here:http://www.mediafire.com/view/?wwp26brxxex2wlu

*Carbonic Abz Theme Final Edition with default missing covers for all modes + 4 Banner TV frames

There are 12 coverflows, 12 Emuflows and 12 brewflows to please everyone 🙂

Sample missing cover video:

Default theme cover: A cool feature here is that default cover will even show when only 2D cover is present to cover the blank areas as shown in the following previews





TV Frames


Tip: The first one is the default, to use another frame for the banners edit \WiiFlow\Themes\carbonic abz.ini file, search for “user5” and replace Tv1.png with tv2.png or tv3.png or tv4.png






Theme Flows Previews:





Emuflows + Custom missing covers previews:






Custom missing covers pack for all modes and emulators (Including inverted N64 and SNES covers too):

All Covers Preview:




Full size covers previews here: http://gbatemp.net/threads/custom-missing-covers-for-all-modes-and-emulators.335896/

*uNeek2o v95b5.2 + Neek Extras (QF/DM xneek v2.6/custom titles/etc..) +Cert.sys_Extractor utility for ModMii Emunands by Fix94 (with my custom icon)

*Devo v169 loader and app

*PC Tools for GC games, screenshots and saves conversion:

For Emunand Setup you can follow this tutorial: http://gbatemp.net/topic/333219-wiiflow-mod-and-emunand/

*Latest Forwarder Channel: WiiFlow Clouds Forwarder Channel v14b, Neek2o nswitch Channels for real and Emunands & WiiFlow Loader hidden channel v2

*WiiU/vWii v15 Forwarder Channel + d2x cIOS installer mod by Fix94


*20 Categories for easy filtering for all modes:

Categories Preview:




*Custom Titles File

New in pirate’s pack:

*All prerequisites: IOS and cIOS, DM(L) v2.6, Devolution loader v169

* PC tools for GC game conversion

Setup instructions:

*First things first: For proper function of Wii games and Homebrew apps: Make sure your Wii is properly modded and use ModMii to make your IOS/cIOS up to date. IOS 58, D2x cIOS v8 Final or 9beta are recommended. Original Hermes or Rodries cIOS mod are optional.
For Gamecube Games: DiosMios/DiosMios Lite latest wad should be installed into the Mios slot along with clean BC6. Devolution loader in \Wiiflow folder should be there for Devo to work.
Everything mentioned above is in the pack.

Install the wads from wad\IOS_DM(L) folder:
BC-NUS-v6.wad on both real and Emunands
RVL-mios-v10.wad on Emunands

Real Nand IOS/cIOS:

Tip: d2x-v10-beta52 has higher compatibility for nand emulation and online stuff and less random crashes during gameplay that’s why it’s in slot 249
while d2x-v10-beta53 has 2 usb ports support and fully plug&play usb devices, meaning that you can connect them when the game asks for them

New: For WiiU/vWii use the D2x cIOS Installer Mod v2.2 by Fix94, run it from Homebrew Channel to build v52 or v53 cIOS

Or use the official installer: http://http://code.google.com/p/d2x-cios/downloads/list
More info about cIOS-v10/alt/vWii here: http://code.google.com/p/d2x-cios/wiki/How_to_choose_d2x_distribution

One of the following on real nand:
DIOSMIOS_2.6.wad (GC games on USB) (New)
DIOSMIOSLite_2.6.wad (GC games on SD) (New)
DMLr59mod[MIOS-v10].wad (GC games on SD old way)

Neek app files: In case di menu fails to launch GC/QF correctly i.e. wii shuts down replace 000000008.app file (i.e. Neek BC executable) with the one here – You can use just one at a time.
extract the rar file in Neek_app folder to your nands\plxxx\ (where plxxx is your Emunand folder name) and replace the existing file when prompted
DM2.6.rar is for Dios Mios where games are on USB device
DML2.6.rar is for Dios Mios Lite where games are on SD
QF0.1.rar is for Quad-Force where games are on SD (used for Triiforce Mario Kart GP 1 & 2 games only)

To use Devolution extract Devo_169.rar as is into root folder. loader.bin is in WiiFlow folder

GC tools are included in GC_PC_Tools.rar
Use them to covert the GC games to the proper format and the savegame files to NMM format:

DiscEX-v0.9-cred >>> Convert GC games into DiscEx format
DMToolbox-v0.3-cred >>> Convert GC games into any required format (new for 2 disc games support)
gci2nmm-v0.1b-tueidj >>> convert GC saves into NMM compatible format
GCReEx-v0.3-tueidj >>> Convert GC games into extracted GCReEx format
YCbYCr2BMPv2 >>> covert GC screenshots into Bitmaps (BMP)

cmdpack-1.03-win32-i386.zip Contains many useful Dos tools for Disc type conversion, compression, etc… (Help file included)

WiiFlow Setup:

*Extract/copy all files to SD or USB root (sneek folder on USB only)

*Backup your “\WiiFlow\Settings\categories_v4.ini” and “\WiiFlow\Source_Menu\source_menu.ini” files in case you have made your favorites/categories and a custom plugin setup before or if you don’t want to use the ones provided here

*Install wads with a wad manager: WiiFlow Forwarder and WiiFlow loader channel v2 to all nands, neek2o to real nand, back to nand to Emunands.
New: For WiiU/vWii Install WiiFlow Channel – Clouds v15-vWii.wad using a wad manager

*Carbonik Abz will be available in settings > theme selection

*Use ModMii to create an EmuNand on PC and cert.sys_extractor on Wii using Homebrew channel to get your “cert.sys” then copy it from SD root to EmuNand\Sys folder

*Edit individual plugin ini files to change the default Rom/game path if needed or just rename your rom folders as shown here: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?wwp26brxxex2wlu

*Extract and replace Source_menu.ini from the zip file in case you want to switch from Advanced to Basic

*Wiisx Folder can be on SD, USB(Fat) or USB(NTFS) partitions all roms should go into wiisx\isos folder
Tip 1: unecm.exe should be used on disc images with .ecm extention to uncompress them else they won’t work you’ll find it inside wiisx\isos folder also inside the cmdpack-1.03-win32-i386.zip file, just drag your ecm onto unecm.exe to get your uncompressed image
Also remember to change Bios from HLE to SD or USB for better compatibility

Tip 2: If Wiiflow hangs/or is stuck loading boot animation endlessly when going to Emumode (All Plugins selected), then you have too much games!!!
So move some ini files to “unused” folder inside \WiiFlow\Plugins folder.
Since many games are displayed twice or even more times you can move the ini files for emus that run same games/systems like vbanext&gambatte and keep the one you use i.e. vbagx for example.
It might take some trial and error but when you’re below the memory limit all should work fine.
The cover display limit is theoretically around 65535 covers, but WF is currently unable to handle that much due to memory overload

Tip 3: Black screens when launching an Emu game are mainly due to wrong dol name or gamepath in the plugin ini file or mismatch of magic numbers between the source_menu and plugin.ini. But also you have to keep in mind that some emulators work better from SD, others from USB first active Fat[32] partition so make sure you look into this when you face problems.
Also don’t forget to delete your old \WiiFlow\Cache\lists folder and \Wiiflow\Settings\gameconfigXX filesand even sometimes \apps\wiiflow\wiiflow.ini file.

Tip 4: when facing problems going back to WiiFlow or to Emunand or when the HDD is not initialized on startup, make sure you have the latest v14b forwarder and v2 hidden loader wads installed, if you use your own custom forwarder make sure it has the default ID4 as the official forwarder.

New: Neek2o Emunand Setup using the pre-made emunands
1. Extract Fresh_Emunand_4.3(E)_or(U)_Uneek_DI_rev95.7z to get “SD_Files” and “USB_Files” folders
2. SD Files are optional to be used with bootmii IOS
3. Copy the content of “USB_Files” i.e. “Sneek” and “Nands” folders to the root of a Fat32 32k cluster formatted USB HDD (after running a scandisk to make sure it’s free of errors)
4. Make sure you have Wiixplorer rev241 in your “apps” folder on SD or USB
5. Connect your HDD to the Wii and start WiiXplorer from the Homebrew channel
6. Select “Nand” as the source and copy “shared2” folder by pressing the “+” button on it/select copy
7. Select USB (Fat32 partition where your neek files are) as Source and go to “Nands” >> “Pln2o” then click “+” and select paste
This will copy your “shared2” folder with your Wii settings, Wiimote info, Network info to the new Emunand
8. Your Emunand is ready you can use it with Neek2o Channel, WiiFlow and Postloader for Neek2o mode and with all loaders for savegame Emulation
9. Use showmiiwads to fill the new nand with games and stuff (select the Nand Path in Options, then select your Wads folder and extract them “to Nand”)
10. Make sure you write the correct path in wiiflow.ini, it should look like this:

You’ll need ~170 MB of SD or USB disk space.
Big pack, but our love to WiiFlow is much bigger


*Wiiflow devs (old and new) especially Fix94 the magnificent , Overjoy the Neek King and Fledge68 the hero for enabling Custom TV frames and custom missing covers use
*Crediar for Sneek, DM(L) and PC Tools
*Overjoy for Neek2o
*Tueidj for Devolution and PC tools
*Benjay the legend for his original Carbonic theme
*Mastershoes the awesome, for his hard work (magic numbers, plugin inis and ogg files) and his huge library of games and covers
*Boston BC for the original category file
*Maxternal for custom titles file converter utility
*Drexyl for the his autoboot plugin mods

Enjoy the Masterpiece
Thank You
Abz 🙂

Masterpiece Pirate’s Edition – Click the image below to get your download Link:


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