Neek2o for Mega Noobs

This is the easiest way to make a Neek2o Nand for your favorite USB loaders especially for WiiFlow 4.1+ or Postloader 4+

Here’s a premade Emunand:


You’ll also need:

WiiXplorer rev241:
Showmiiwads v1.4:

Region Free Hacks, Postloader and Wiiflow Forwarder and Hidden Channel v2 are already installed.

Premade Emunand Setup:
1. Extract Fresh_Emunand_4.3(E)_or(U)_Uneek_DI_rev95.7z to get “SD_Files” and “USB_Files” folders
2. SD Files are optional to be used with bootmii IOS
3. Copy the content of “USB_Files” i.e. “Sneek” and “Nands” folders to the root of a First active Fat32 32k cluster formatted USB HDD (after running a scandisk to make sure it’s free of errors)
4. Make sure you have Wiixplorer rev241 in your “apps” folder on SD or USB
5. Connect your HDD to the Wii and start WiiXplorer from the Homebrew channel
6. Click on the top left icon and select “nand” as source
Posted Image

Press the “+” button on the “Shared2” folder then select “Copy
Posted Image

Click the source icon again and select USB1 (or whatever partition you are using as Fat32) and go to you nands\pln2o folder
click “+” then select “Paste” the files will get copied from your nand to the emunand folder
Posted Image

shared2″ folder has your Wii settings, Wiimote info, Network info, this will you save you the time to setup everything from scratch.
P.S. In case you forgot to copy the “shared2” folder and finished the first boot setup of the Emunand and your wiimotes and internet connection work there is no need to do this, but as said this is much faster
8. Your Emunand is ready you can use it with Neek2o Channel, WiiFlow and Postloader for Neek2o mode and with all loaders for savegame Emulation
9. Use showmiiwads to fill the new nand with games and stuff
To do so open Showmiiwads and select the nand backup path under options: and select your USB:\nands\pln2o folder of course the HDD has to be connected to the PC first.

then open the folder containing your WADS i.e. forwarders and WW games (Click File >> open folder) – your wads will become listed if not click “View” then >>> “Showmiiwads”
Right click the ones you wanna copy to the emunand and select “extract to nand”
You can select nand view to check the installed channels in case you want to delete games (via right click also)
10. Make sure you write the correct path in wiiflow.ini, it should look like this:

Congrats you have a working neek2o nand with all your games


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2 Responses to Neek2o for Mega Noobs

  1. Ash Chetri says:

    Thank you, this really worked. After months of trying, this is the most concise, coherent, piece of instruction for this task. Thank you!

  2. Armando says:

    it is a piece of cake, thanks!

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