The Masterpack

WiiFlow 4 The Masterpiece Pack by Abz

The best all in one pack for your Wii  :)

WiiFlow 4 Wiki by Fledge68 Cover Collections by MasterShoes

 Download Link for v4.2.3 MasterMod Pack   Here

 Postloader v4.7.95 Masterpiece Addon           Here

New: Standalone Wiiflow Dols  Which version do I need to use?

WiiFlow 1054-Based MasterMod or WiiFlow 1076-Mod

What’s New in This Pack:     P.S. Older packs can be found @Dropbox or @Mediafire
Older Updates

* Updated Quake covers: Replaced the three 2D covers with three full covers (Thanks sion_zaphod)
* Dosbox plugin using conf files by default now – Here’s a Dosbox games pack that uses the default settings
* Added ScummVM-alt Plugin for DiscWorld 1, 2 and Zak McKracken with 3 covers (Thanks MassiveRican for the setup)
* Updated Credits section
* Updated ScummVM Plugin to mod7 i.e. latest GIT build (Thanks Wiimpathy)
* Added Background for Carbonik Abz “Nand Emulation Page” (Thanks Fledge68)
* Updated tyquake plugin setup – Now can handle Original + Mission packs 1 & 2  – For the full game + missions you can download This Quake Pack (Thanks sion_zaphod)
* Added clean BC6 to _Neek_app folder
* Fixed emuflow cover size front/back mismatch bug and replaced 1 emuflow (Thanks MasterShoes)
* Updated Not64 to May 2013 release
* Updated RetroArch Plugins to v0.9.9-fix1 – 3 new plugins available with covers and icons: Quake, NxEngine and QuickNES (Thanks RetroArch team)
* Added ResidualVM plugin (Magic# 4752494D) for Grim Fandango + 2 Source menu icons and the game cover (replaced Apple_II)
* Added Carbonik Abz wih Full HB covers + Full HB covers link (Thanks Mastershoes)
* Updated Quadforce wad, app & bin to v4.1 Final for USB only (v4.0 are still around for SD users)
* Updated DM(L) to v2.10 (wad, bin and app)
* Added F-Zero Ax and Virtua Striker 4-2006 covers + Dummy files to Triforce plugin
* Added SDL-MAME-Wii plugin – magic # 4d414d57 (Thanks Wiimpathy)
* Updated WiiExplorer to Rev 259
* Updated DeSmuMe plugin to r253 (Thanks Maxternal)
* Added Banner Player and Maxternal’s Java apps to _Handy_PC_Tools folder
Java apps include: “INI-Editor”, “Title Downloader v2.8”, “Category Converter v1.4” and “Source Menu Editor”
* Added default rom folders for all available emulators
* Added WiiMod 3.2 to “app” folder (Best wad manger with new wiimote and ios58 ahbprot support)
* Added WF-Bootmii-Forwader-Loader-DWFA.rar to load WiiFlow with BootMii – Extract Bootmii folder to SD root/Backup yours first (Thanks Fix94)
* Added Lynx Bios for Wiimednafen
* Added VecWii – Vectrex Plugin mod2 for newer wiimotes (Thanks Maxternal)
* Added many Ogg files for several plugins (Thanks Mastershoes)
* Added BlueMSX plugin – BlueMSXWiiGamePackRev2 can be readily used with this plugin (Thanks Matt0620)
* Updated WiiColem – Coleco Vision, Intellivision-Fixed and Atari 7800 Plugins to Mod2 (Thanks Matt0620)
* Added Atari ST – Hatari  Plugin (Thanks Wiimpathy)
* Added DosBox Plugin Bat/Conf setups (Thanks to sion_zaphod) DosBox Readme
* Updated Frodo-C64 plugin mod to new rev with sav file autoboot support
* Added Music Player Plugin (Thanks Fix94)
* 4 new emu missing covers and source menu icons
* Updated Retroarch plugins, 5 new dols (Fba_pgm, Fba_psikyo, Nestopia, mednafen_Vb and mednafen_neopop)
* Updated Carbonik Abz theme, source menu and missing covers for the latest Retroarch dols
* Moved all PC Tools to “_Handy PC Tools” Folder and Added Batch Renamer utility
* Updated Categories ini file to latest revision (all modes show categories now): 19+(1 Hidden) categories 1400 Wii games already sorted (Thanks BostonBC)
* Added/Updated Sinclaire to FBZX-wii v9 with tapes autoboot support with a new magic number “46425A68” Source menu button now loads both tapes and snaps (Thanks Fabio)
* Updated Neek2o Channels to nswitch v2.2b +verbose changelog Here
* Added Uneek2o_96_Beta_7.2.rar to root folder, to be used in case v8.6 breaks the USB HDD compatibility (Thanks MassiveRican for testing and reporting)
* Re-organized the source menu and updated the screenshots, now we have a new icon/missing cover for NEC Super Grafx
* Added a bios file for Mednafen-PCFX
* Updated Nintendo DS Plugin and added a new “Internet Bookmarks” plugins (Thanks Spacepimp and Wiimpathy)
* The Internet Bookmark plugin requires that you have “The Internet Channel” installed. You can install it for free using “The Shopping Channel”, or grab your region specific “The Internet Channel” (a.k.a. “Opera”) from Here
* Added TRS-80 and VG5000u plugins + source menu and missing covers (Thanks Wiimpathy)
* Added a new small covers set for sourceflow v2.1 (Thanks spacepimp)
* Updated neek2o UNEEK+DI to r96 beta 8.6 (Thanks Overjoy)
* Added Custom titles for all Arcade games (Mame and Final Burn Alpha)
* Added cMIOS v4 and v10 for the new on the fly Mios switch feature for GC DVD backups (v4 is the default, v10 is in the root foder extract and replace when needed)
* Updated Carbonik Abz Theme: Added SourceFlow small and full covers + many bugfixes for texts buttons and effects, new frame, file explorer, also added new buttons for rev 1003+, the new theme is now based on official carbonik r7 and r8 (Thanks Benjay, Mamule and Ayatus for the great update)
* Updated Wii2600 to autoboot edition (previous dol is renamed to .old in case needed – Thanks Wiimpathy)
* Updated O2EM plugin to rev2 (Fixed Display bug in Pal50) and added OpenBOR plugin – SD only (Thanks Wiimpathy)
* Made source icons and missing cover for OpenBOR
* Added CreatiVision (Funny) Plugin and updated WiiXL to v2 with Atari 5200 support (Thanks Wiimpathy again)
* Added 2 new source menu icons and missing covers for the new plugins
* Updated Carbonik Abz theme (New banner frame and new explorer background + many title position fixes and replaced coverflow #2 with Emuflow #11)
* Made a new source icon and missing cover for FDS (Family Computer Disk System)
* Added bios files for FDS and Mednafen-PC_Engine (Thanks Dump)
* Added O2EM (Pal 50 not supported) and WiiXL plugins (Thanks Wiimpathy x2)
* Added Cover-2-Rom v2.0 Tool to “_Handy PC Tools” Folder (Thanks Soupaman66)
* Updated Devolution plugin, app and bin to rev200
* Added WiiFlow Banner Downloader dol to apps folder for backward compatibility with WiiFlow 920- and also for mass banner download All & Missing (Thanks Fledge68) – Detailed Banner Download Readme Here
* Added Apple II (Wiiapple) and PC-8801 (Quasi88) plugins, USB keyboard can make life easier (Thanks Wiimpathy x2)
* Added missing cover for PC-8801 and updated the source menu
* Added ScummVM-alt Plugin for DiscWorld 1, 2 and Zak McKracken with 3 covers (Thanks MassiveRican for the setup)
* Added Amstrad Wiituka Plugin with official rom pack – apps\wiituka folder tested and working from SD (Thanks Wiimpathy)
* Added Nintendo DS Emulator rev252 (Thanks Maxternal)
* Added Fat32 File Manager v1.0 by Spayrosam (Manage large files on your Fat partitions)
* Added 2 Fresh ModMii made Emunands to the pack – 4.3U and 4.3E with hacks and channels, just need “shared2” folder before first use
* Added Showmiiwads v1.4 PC tool to the pack
* Added Emunand Setup instruction for Neek2o using the new files
* Added Frodo C64-Network v2.4.1 Mod Plugin (Thanks Fabio)
* Added Triforce/DM-Booter plugin for Mario Kart GP Games + dummy files (Thanks Maxternal for the Modded dol)
* Also added Triforce icon for source menu and custom missing cover too (Thanks wiikey for the source menu icon)
* And added Quadforce_v0.1.wad to the wad\IOS_DM(L) Folder
The GP games should be in SD:\Games folder and Quadforce wad installed as Mios
the Magic number used here is “444d4c62”
* Added the 2 GP covers to \Wiiflow\boxcovers\Triforce Folder (size 512×340)
* Added Devolution rev169 Plugin + icon + Magic number “4445564f” (Thanks Maxternal)
* Added Amiga UAE rev9.1-Mod plugin (Fixed default rom to v1.3)
* Fixed Devo v160 files (old ones were not original files – Thanks ToddofWar420 for testing & reporting)
* Removed update nag screen from SNES and NES Plugins mod11 dols (Thanks Fledge68)
* Added WiiFlow Channel Installer v1.1 by Fix94
This is an alternative method to install The WiiFlow Forwarder and the Hidden Plugin Loader Channels on both Wii and WiiU/vWii
The default WiiFlow Forwader v14b by Spayrosam is installed using this method
You can replace the forwarder by the one provided in this pack (i.e. Clouds) or your favorite one using a Wad manager
* Added the 6 new Plugins to basic and advanced source menu in \Wiiflow folder extract and replace to use one or the other
* Added Carbonik Abz Mod by wiimanofthenorth in \Wiiflow folder extract and replace to use it (No settings Button, Mode button first)
* Added the new Magic Numbers and paths to the Reference table
* Changed “Info” Button to “Help” Button and fixed “Go” button size/position in game installation menu
* Added plugin partition autosave feature so that we don’t need to change it when roms are on several partitions (Thanks Fledge68)
* Language files update
* Added “WF-Priiloader-Forwader-Loader-DWFA.dol” for priiloader in order to use WF as System Menu replacement
* Updated D2X CIOS to v10 (rev52/53 Wii Editions)
* Updated Carbonik Abz theme to 4.0.6+ with many bugfixes especially for 16:9 mode in all modes
* Updated Devolution/loader to rev169
* Faster Boot using Wii Savegame Emulation
* Added FanArt Downloader and Creator to the pack for FanArt fans 🙂
* Added WiiFlow Channel – Clouds v15 for vWii (Thanks Fix94)
* Added Fix94’s d2x cIOS Installer Mod v2.2 for vWii (Link)
* Updated Wii64 Plugin to “Autoboot Edition” (Thanks Drexyl)
* Added nmm2gci-v0.2-suloku and gcmm-v1.4-suloku GC savegame Tools to GC_PC_Tools.rar
* Wiimote info in Home Menu
* Added Atari2600 and Playstation 1 Emulators (With Bios files and Disc Tools)
* Added new plugins to Basic source_menu ini
* Added Neek files in case the bin files won’t work for DM, DML and QF (check Neek_app folder)
* Added old Devolution app + loader v160 in addition to v169
* Updated Genplus-GX to mod7 i.e. v1.7.3 and fixed the plugin inis, also added SegaCD Bios files (genplus\bios)
* Added WiiSx and Wii64 saves folder if abscent saves won’t work (works only on FAT(32) not NTFS)
* Fixed loading “All Plugins” when too many exist
* WiiU ready (vWii “Shutdown” and “Return to” fixed)

Hot: Added Nintendont r2.265 MasterMod featuring Themes support, PS3-DS3 for nintendont menu, Nunchuck support for BT online update and online themes download (Nunchuck readme and button maps) Updated Wiiflow to 1076-Mod and 1054-MasterMod (WiiUPro & Sixaxis supportNintendont 2.260+ supportGC/HID controller and NMM selection) – 1076-Mod feature fixed Trailers support (Thanks Fix94 & Fledge68) The pack has 1054-MasterMod with HID option “off” by default (It seems this mod is more stable for many users having problems launching games and channels) Default options for USB_HID & NMM aka MC-Emu can be changed in \apps\wiiflow\wiiflow.ini, under [DML] section: usb_hid=no for disabled / usb_hid=yes for enabled dml_nmm=0 for disabled / dml_nmm=1 for enabled / dml_nmm=2 for Multisave Also “wiiu_wide” option is used to set display to either 4:3 or 16:9 on vWii P.S. delete \wiiflow\settings\gameconfig2.ini file to restore default configuration Updated Devolution to rev234 Fixed the Custom Banner Download URL by making a new repository at COPY.COM (delete wiiflow.ini if you have trouble) Updated the website (more secure, new icon and logo) Updated Postloader 4 pack to v4.7.95 and website (Added Nintendont Support -Thanks stfour & Daxtsu) Moved alternate dols and stuff to “_Alternate Stuff” folder (contains rev 1054 and old devo and nintendont…) Updated Scummvm plugin to mod 11 and removed the Summvm-alt plugin -no longer needed (Thanks Wiimpathy) Added Atari Jaguar plugin (Thanks Wiimpathy) + bios and updated source menu and missing covers also added neogeo bios Added WiiBackupImageEditor and few tools to “_Handy PC Tools” folder Added Nintendont’s default fonts to root folder Added a new homebrew full covers repository (Thanks Larsenv) Updated Devolution plugin r200-fixed (Thanks Maxternal) Updated ScummVM plugin to mod 10 (thanks Wiimpathy) Updated all retroarch plugins except FBA & NG-Pocket and VBA-Next to v1.0.0.2 Added Wiimod-Lite to apps folder (for both Wii and vWii users) Added full covers for all homebrew apps in the pack (Thanks Larsenv) Added Wiiflow Startup Config Wii app and THP Video converter v2.0 PC app (Thanks Fix94) Updated Amiga UAE Plugin to official v10 and ZX Spectrum fbzx-wii to v10.3 (Thanks Fabio) Updated Cover2Rom and SourceMenuEditor, and added FSTFix Tool to GameCube_PC_Tools Added Syscheck-HD-Edition v2.2.1 to apps folder (Thanks JoostinOnline) Added Priiloder 0.8 Mod v11 + hacks inis (rar file in root folder) to be extracted and used when needed (Thanks JoostinOnline) Updated Scummvm plugin to mod8. Discworld 1/2 run via main dol – Alt dol still included with a new setup for FM-TOWNS games (Thanks Wiimpathy) Added 2 new plugins “Tandy CoCo” and “Dragon 32/64” by Wiimpathy Updated the Bookmarks Plugin Pack to v.3 – The pack contains a coverflow of bookmarks to Flash game sites, Wii optimised web content and a selection of handpicked sites – All tested with the Wii’s Browser, “Opera”. Additional content, not included in the Masterpack, is available HERE. There’s a clickable list of all the included links HERE

Detailed Setup Instructions:

First things first: For proper function of Wii games and Homebrew apps: Make sure your Wii is properly modded and use ModMii to make your IOS/cIOS up to date. IOS 58, D2x cIOS v10 rev52 or 10-alt rev53 are recommended. Original Hermes or Rodries cIOS mod are optional.
For Gamecube Games: DiosMios/DiosMios Lite latest wad should be installed into the Mios slot along with clean BC6. Devolution loader in \Wiiflow folder should be there for Devo to work.
Everything mentioned above is in the pack. Install the wads from wad\IOS_DM(L) folder:
BC-NUS-v6.wad on both real and Emunands
RVL-mios-v10.wad on Emunands Real Nand IOS/cIOS:
cIOS252[56]-d2x-v10-beta53-alt.wad Tip: d2x-v10-beta52 has higher compatibility for nand emulation and online stuff and less random crashes during gameplay that’s why it’s in slot 249
while d2x-v10-beta53 has 2 usb ports support and fully plug&play usb devices, meaning that you can connect them when the game asks for them

New: For WiiU/vWii use the D2x cIOS Installer Mod v2.2 by Fix94, run it from Homebrew Channel to build v52 or v53 cIOS

Or use the official installer: https://
More info about cIOS-v10/alt/vWii here: One of the following on real nand:
DIOSMIOS_2.10.wad (GC games on USB) (New)
DIOSMIOSLite_2.10.wad (GC games on SD) (New)
DMLr59mod[MIOS-v10].wad (GC games on SD old way)
Quadforce_v4.wad (Triforce games on SD only) Quadforce_v4.1.wad (Triforce games on USB only) Wiiflow 4.2 rev 974+ Can install Automatically the required mios on the fly I already placed and renamed the latest DM(L) and QF wads in Wiiflow\mios folder Neek app files: In case di menu fails to launch GC/QF correctly i.e. wii shuts down replace file (i.e. Neek BC executable) with the one here – You can use just one at a time.
extract the rar file in Neek_app folder to your nands\plxxx\ (where plxxx is your Emunand folder name) and replace the existing file when prompted
DM2.10.rar is for Dios Mios where games are on USB device
DML2.10.rar is for Dios Mios Lite where games are on SD
QF0.1.rar and QF4.1.rar is for Quad-Force where games are on SD (used for Triiforce Mario Kart GP 1 & v3 also supports F-Zero AX)

To use Devolution extract Devo_200.rar as is into root folder. loader.bin is in WiiFlow folder

GC tools are included in GC_PC_Tools.rar
Use them to covert the GC games to the proper format and the savegame files to NMM format: DiscEX-v0.9-cred >>> Convert GC games into DiscEx format
DMToolbox-v0.3-cred >>> Convert GC games into any required format (new for 2 disc games support)
gci2nmm-v0.1b-tueidj >>> convert GC saves into NMM compatible format
GCReEx-v0.3-tueidj >>> Convert GC games into extracted GCReEx format
YCbYCr2BMPv2 >>> covert GC screenshots into Bitmaps (BMP) Contains many useful Dos tools for Disc type conversion, compression, etc… (Help file included)

More Tools inside the pack; check “_Handy PC Tools” folder

WiiFlow Setup

Extract/copy all files to SD or USB root (sneek folder on USB only)

Backup your “\WiiFlow\Settings\categories_v4.ini” and “\WiiFlow\Source_Menu\source_menu.ini” files in case you have made your favorites/categories and a custom plugin setup before or if you don’t want to use the ones provided here

Install wads with a wad manager: WiiFlow Forwarder and WiiFlow loader channel v2 to all nands, neek2o to real nand, back to nand to Emunands.
P.S. As an alternative method you can get the Wiiflow channels installed using “WiiFlow Channel Installer v1.1” HBC application by Fix94 on both Wii and WiiU/vWii. This will install the default forwarder v14b by Spayrosam and not the clouds forwarder channel mentioned above.
Tip: When using the Channel installer v1.1 you can hit “uninstall channels” first then press the “install channels” button. This way will make sure that the channels will be installed smoothly without errors or conflicts.

New: For WiiU/vWii use the WiiFlow Channel Installer application then install “WiiFlow Channel – Clouds v15-vWii.wad” using a wad manager

Carbonik Abz will be available in settings > theme selection

For Neek2o you can use one of the included premade fresh emunands or make your own custom nand using Modmii; check the guides below for full info

Edit individual plugin ini files to change the default Rom/game path if needed or just rename your rom folders as shown here

Extract and replace Source_menu.ini from the zip file in case you want to switch from Advanced to Basic

Wiisx Folder can be on SD, USB(Fat) or USB(NTFS) partitions all roms should go into wiisx\isos folder
Tip 1: unecm.exe should be used on disc images with .ecm extention to uncompress them else they won’t work you’ll find it inside wiisx\isos folder also inside the file, just drag your ecm onto unecm.exe to get your uncompressed image
Also remember to change Bios from HLE to SD or USB for better compatibility Tip 2: If Wiiflow hangs/or is stuck loading boot animation endlessly when going to Emumode (All Plugins selected), then you have too much games!!!
So move some ini files to “unused” folder inside \WiiFlow\Plugins folder.
Since many games are displayed twice or even more times you can move the ini files for emus that run same games/systems like vbanext&gambatte and keep the one you use i.e. vbagx for example.
It might take some trial and error but when you’re below the memory limit all should work fine.
The cover display limit is theoretically around 65,535 covers, but WF is currently unable to handle more than 11,000 covers due to memory overload Tip 3: Black screens when launching an Emu game are mainly due to wrong dol name or gamepath in the plugin ini file or mismatch of magic numbers between the source_menu and plugin.ini. But also you have to keep in mind that some emulators work better from SD, others from USB first active Fat[32] partition so make sure you look into this when you face problems.
Also don’t forget to delete your old \WiiFlow\Cache\lists folder and \Wiiflow\Settings\gameconfigXX filesand even sometimes \apps\wiiflow\wiiflow.ini file.

Tip 4: when facing problems going back to WiiFlow or to Emunand or when the HDD is not initialized on startup, make sure you have the latest v14b forwarder and v2 hidden loader wads installed, if you use your own custom forwarder make sure it has the default ID4 as the official forwarder.

You’ll need ~350 MB of SD or USB disk space.
Big pack, but our love to WiiFlow is much bigger

Prerequisites + WiiFlow Setup

Neek2o Emunand setup using pre-made emunands:

This is the easiest way to make a Neek2o Nand for your favorite USB loaders especially for WiiFlow 4.1+ or Postloader 4+

Here’s my premade Emunand:

4.3U or 4.3E (Included in the pack)

You’ll also need:

WiiXplorer rev248:
Showmiiwads v1.4:

Region Free Hacks, Postloader and Wiiflow Forwarder and Hidden Channel v2 are already installed.

Premade Emunand Setup

1. Extract Fresh_Emunand_4.3(E)_or(U)_Uneek_DI_rev96.7z to get “SD_Files” and “USB_Files” folders
2. SD Files are optional to be used with bootmii IOS
3. Copy the content of “USB_Files” i.e. “Sneek” and “Nands” folders to the root of a First active Fat32 32k cluster formatted USB HDD (after running a scandisk to make sure it’s free of errors)
4. Make sure you have Wiixplorer rev241 in your “apps” folder on SD or USB
5. Connect your HDD to the Wii and start WiiXplorer from the Homebrew channel
6. Click on the top left icon and select “nand” as source

Press the “+” button on the “Shared2” folder then select “Copy

Click the source icon again and select USB1 (or whatever partition you are using as Fat32) and go to you nands\pln2o folder
click “+” then select “Paste” the files will get copied from your nand to the emunand folder

shared2″ folder has your Wii settings, Wiimote info, Network info, this will you save you the time to setup everything from scratch.
P.S. In case you forgot to copy the “shared2″ folder and finished the first boot setup of the Emunand and your wiimotes and internet connection work there is no need to do this, but as said this is much faster
8. Your Emunand is ready you can use it with Neek2o Channel, WiiFlow and Postloader for Neek2o mode and with all loaders for savegame Emulation
9. Use showmiiwads to fill the new nand with games and stuff
To do so open Showmiiwads and select the nand backup path under options: and select your USB:\nands\pln2o folder of course the HDD has to be connected to the PC first.

then open the folder containing your WADS i.e. forwarders and WW games (Click File >> open folder) – your wads will become listed if not click “View” then >>> “Showmiiwads”
Right click the ones you wanna copy to the emunand and select “extract to nand”
You can select nand view to check the installed channels in case you want to delete games (via right click also)
10. Make sure you write the correct path in wiiflow.ini, it should look like this:

Congratulations you have a working neek2o nand with all your games

The premade emunand 7z files have the final official Uneek2o rev 96 in “sneek” folder while the masterpiece “sneek” folder has the latest beta. Both should work fine, you just need one. For a Detailed Neek2o Emunand Setup you can follow This Step by Step Tutorial 


WiiFlow v4.2.2 Beta Rev 1076-Mod (72 plugins) loaded with 6 pages of source menu icons

Source Menu Pack + Sourceflow small & full covers (More than 200 icons + empty black & white frames)

P.S. More icons available inside the pack.
Check all icons previews Here

Advanced WF Plugin Pack v8 (60 dols & 100 inis and extra ogg sounds) with new rompaths to make it more practical

All available plugins and their magic numbers:
Available Plugins + Magic Numbers

bluemsx-wii 424D5358
creativision aka funny 46554E4E
devolution 4445564f
desmumewii 4445534D
dosbox-wii 44424F58
dragon 44524147
fba_cps1 43505331
fba_cps2 43505332
fba_PGM 44505331
fba_Psikyo 45505331
fba_neo 464E454F
fb_alpha 464E254F
fbzx-wii 46425A58
fbzx-wii-tapes 46425A68
fceugx 46434555
fceumm 46434D4D
fds 56434555
frodo 4336344E
gambatte 474D4254
gambatte_gb 474D4264
gambatte_gbc 474D4274
genplus_gx_retro 5247454E
genplus_gx_retro_cd 5247455E
genplus_gx_retro_md 5247456E
genplus_gx_retro_ms 5247457E
genplus_gx_retro_sg 5247458E
genplus_gx_retro_gg 5247459E
genplus-gx 53454741
genplus-gx_cd 53454751
genplus-gx_md 53454761
genplus-gx_ms 53454771
genplus-gx_sg 53454781
genplus-gx_gg 53454791
hatari 48415441
internet opera 70657261
jaguar 564A4147
jzintvwii 4A5A494E
mednafen_pce 54473136
mednafen_Virtual_Boy 5d45484e
mednafen_neopop 5d45424e
mednafen_wonderswan 4D57534E
mplayerce 4D504345
music Player 4D555343
Nestopia 56434D4D
not64 4E4F3634
nxengine 56434D6D
o2em 4F32454D
openBOR 4F424F52
prboom 5052424D
quasi88 51554153
QuickNES 56434D5D
residualVM 4752494D
sdl-mame-wii 4D414D57
scummvm_plugin 5343564D
snes9x_next 534E5854
snes9x-gx 534e4553
tandy coco 434f434f
triforce 444d4c62
trs-80 54525338
tyrquake 5052425D
uae 414D4947
vba_next 56425854
vbagx 56424158
vbagx_gb 56424168
vbagx_gbc 56424178
vbagx_gba 56424188
vecxwii 56454358
vg5000 56473530
wii2600 32363030
wii64 57493634
wii7800 37383030
wiiapple 4150504C
wiicolem 434F4C45
wiimednafen 4d45444e
wiimednafen_gb 4d45445e
wiimednafen_gbc 4d45446e
wiimednafen_gba 4d45447e
wiimednafen_gg 4d45448e
wiimednafen_lynx 4d45449e
wiimednafen_md 4d45404e
wiimednafen_nes 4d45414e
wiimednafen_ngp 4d45424e
wiimednafen_pce 4d45434e
wiimednafen_pcecd 4d45454e
wiimednafen_pcfx 4d45464e
wiimednafen_ms 4d45474e
wiimednafen_vb 4d45484e
wiimednafen_wonderswan 4d45494e
wiisx 57495358
wiituka 54554B41
wiixl 5749584C
wiixl (Atari 5200) 5749585C
yabause 59876543

Not Yet Available

Acorn 4143524e
BBC Micro 4242434d
fba_mame 4D414D45
neocd 4E474344
VIC-20 56494320

Standard Advanced Magic Numbers for all emulators by Mastershoes now full and corrected

For more info on Magic Numbers and Rompath check the Reference Table

Carbonic Abz Theme Final Edition with default missing covers for all modes + 5 Banner TV frames Full HB Covers by Mastershoes or Larsenv can be shown by using “smallcover=no” under [HOMEBREW] section in wiiflow.ini


12 coverflows, 12 Emuflows and 12 brewflows to please everyone

Theme Previews

Default theme cover: A cool feature here is that default cover will even show when only 2D cover is present to cover the blank areas as shown in the following previews


5 TV Frames


Tip: The first one is the default, to use another frame for the banners edit \WiiFlow\Themes\carbonic abz.ini file, search for “user5″ and replace tv5.png with tv1.png or tv2.png or tv3.png or tv4.png


SourceFlow small and full covers pack for all modes and emulators – Previews:

We now have 3 ways to display the source menu:

A. Classic Source menu (i.e. source menu enabled AND sourceflow option “off”)


B.SourceFlow with tiny covers using brewflows (i.e. source menu enabled AND sourceflow option “on” AND use Smallbox “on”)


C.SourceFlow with full covers using coverflows (i.e. source menu enabled AND sourceflow option “on” AND use Smallbox “off”)


Custom missing covers pack for all modes and emulators (Including inverted covers) Previews:


All full size covers previews Here

The new “File Explorer/ Path selection” screen:


uNeek2o v96 b8.6 + Neek Extras (QF/DM xneek v2.10/custom titles/etc..) +Cert.sys_Extractor utility for ModMii Emunands by Fix94 (with my custom icon)

For a Detailed Neek2o Emunand Setup you can follow This Step by Step Tutorial 

Devolution v200 loader and app

PC Tools for GC games, screenshots and saves conversion

Latest Forwarder Channel: WiiFlow Clouds Forwarder Channel v14b, Neek2o nswitch Channels for real and Emunands & WiiFlow Loader hidden channel v2

WiiU/vWii v15 Forwarder Channel + d2x cIOS installer mod by Fix94

20 Categories for easy filtering for all modes:

Custom Titles File

All prerequisites: IOS and cIOS, DM(L) v2.11, Devolution loader v234

Many handy PC/Wii tools and utilities


Wiiflow devs (old and new) especially Fix94 the magnificent , Overjoy the Neek2o King and Fledge68 the hero
Crediar for Sneek, DM(L) and PC Tools
Tueidj for Devolution and PC tools
Benjay the legend for his original Carbonic theme
Mastershoes the awesome, for his hard work (magic numbers, plugin inis and ogg files) and his huge library of games and covers
Boston BC for the original category file
Maxternal for custom titles file converter utility and many Plugin Mods
Fabio for updating his emulators especially for WiiFlow support
Drexyl for the his autoboot plugin mods Wiimpathy, sion_zaphod and Matt0620 for making many beautiful plugins WiiFlow ready Original and official teams and Devs of the Homebrew emulators and Wiiports
People who contributed to this pack that I forgot to mention

 Download Link for v4.2.2 MasterMod Pack + Extracted Pack Folder  Here

 Postloader v4.7.95 Masterpiece Addon +  Extracted Pack Folder         Here

Enjoy the Masterpiece
Thank You
Abz :)


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  1. wiilover says:

    Iam enjoying your stuff and learning and keep on learning and trying.

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